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How do the free gifts get sent? 

Once a customer completes the form on your Product Insert landing page, their information and order will be stored on the dashboard.

To complete and send the reward card free gift, you must go to the dashboard and Send the free gift (airplane button).

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Will you design my inserts for me? 

Yes. Please fill out this form.

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Do you support physical gifts? 

Yes. See the setup video on the Product Inserts page.

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Why am I not getting emails in Zapier? 

The Zap is not called until you Complete the free gift by clicking the Send (airplane) button.

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Why do I see red stop circles on the dashboard for an order? 

If you see an order with red stop circles, this means the customer entered in a Valid Order ID, but did not complete the form. We keep the order in this state to ensure that only 1 free gift is given to every unique combination of Order ID and product ASIN.

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What marketplaces do you support for the FGF? 

The Product insert free gift funnel works with US and UK marketplaces.

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How do I forward my domain to my landing page? 

To connect your domain to your unique landing page URL, you can set it up with the service you purchased your domain. 

Google: Forward your domain to a URL

Namecheap: How To Redirect a URL in Domain Tab

GoDaddy: Forward my domain