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How come I went over my Campaign Daily Limit? 

It is possible to go over your BR Campaign Daily Limit. This is due to the way we determine your Verified Orders, and also how your customers enter the Manychat Flow.

For example, you could have a daily limit of 2, but your FB Ad could send in 5 customers. When these 5 customers enter your deal, BR would say you have 0 Verified Orders from your Seller Central so all 5 customers will get in your deal. At some point, all 5 customers will buy your product, and now you have 5 Verified orders, with a Daily Limit of 2. Any new customers will not get in because you are over your limit, but those original 5 have already placed their order.

We cannot deny the 5 customers their rebate because they have already ordered. Denying them could potentially anger them into giving you a 1-star review, and we are avoiding this at all costs.

The solution to managing you Daily Limit is to keep a very close eye on your FB Ad Budget. You want people to trickle into your deal very slowly over the day so only 1 customer at a time gets to buy your product. If your FB Ad Budget is too high, you can send in too many people too quickly, and you would go over your BR Daily Limit.

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What is the Description Format example from the video? 

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Can I withdraw my funds from my Wallet? 

You have 2 options for withdrawing funds from your wallet:

1. Refund back to your Credit Card

You can request a refund transfer directly back to your credit card. Once approved your withdrawal takes approximately 2-3 week since Tango handles everything by hand.

2. Visa Prepaid Card - Faster, can process this immediately.

The Rooster can issue you a Visa Prepaid Card via your own wallet. It can be done very quickly, but it will be a separate new Visa Prepaid Card, and not back on your account.

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When do the customers get the rebates automatically distributed? 

Rebates are automatically distributed as early as 48 hours after the order has been placed and if the order has been shipped.

The Manychat flow first checks your account 48 hours after the order was placed. If the order was marked as Shipped in your Seller Central, a Reward Link will be triggered, then flow will automatically notify the customer with the link to claim their rebate.

You do not need to do anything since this is automated.

If the order has not been shipped yet, the flow will wait another 24 hours before trying again.

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Can I send the customer a rebate to an impatient customer? 

(For Visa Prepaid Card and Amazon Gift Card campaigns)

If your customer is getting impatient and cannot wait 48 hours, you have the option of Manually Distributing the rebate to them if their order has already been marked as Shipped. Once BoostRooster detects the order as Shipped from your Seller Central, you will have the option to manually distribute the rebate.

To do this, you must first go to the Order on the BR Dashboard. You will see an Airplane button. If you click this button, you can manually assign a Reward Link for the customer and deduct the rebate from your wallet. Once you click the button, you will see another button where you can copy the Reward Link URL and paste it to the customer.

Do not worry about the auto-notification of the rebate. When the Manychat flow notifies the customer automatically, the customer will receive the same Reward Link URL and not get a second rebate.

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When does the review prompt get sent? 

If you have Enabled Reviews ON in your BR Campaign Settings, customers will get the review prompt 6-10 days after the rebate has been distributed.

The flow will first ask if the customer received everything, then once they answer, we will prompt them with an UN-incentivized review prompt. We must ask about their order first to comply with FB Messaging Terms of Service.

If you would like to change the review timing, you may do so in the BR Review flow for your campaign. Just note, if you change any logic, we cannot support or help you fix errors that may occur.

Also, Reviews must be Enabled ON before a customer enters the flow. Once they enter the flow, any campaign settings changes you make will not affect the customer already in the deal flow.

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How can I set up SMS and Email and fix these Manychat warnings? 

If you would like to Enable SMS and Email followups for your deal on Manychat, you must do the following 3 things:

1. Enable SMS On and Email On in your BoostRooster Campaign Settings

2. Enable SMS in your Manychat Settings

3. Enable Email in your Manychat Settings

Note: You must also enter your business information, or Manychat will not deliver emails.

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I can't test the deal. Is my FB ad setup correctly? 

If you can’t get to the deal from the ad, something is wrong between the Ad and Manychat. You might be experiencing one of these common integration issues.

1. Double check the FB ad JSON

2. Check if the Page you have connected to Manychat is connected to FB ad manager

3. Manychat -> Refresh Facebook permissions

4. Check to make sure your Manychat Handover protocol is working